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Messaging and ESB
Implementing Messaging : Externally managed connections : Using serialized connection objects : Creating serialized connection objects
Creating serialized connection objects
The Sonic Management Console allows an administrator to create serialized connection objects and save them as a file.
To create a serialized connection object file:
1. Ensure the Domain Manager for SonicMQ is running.
2. Ensure the Sonic Management Console is started and connected to the Domain Manager.
3. On the Sonic Management Console menu bar, select Tools and then JMS Administered objects.
4. Select the File System and navigate to the Directory you want the serialized connection object file to reside, as shown:
5. Select the Connect button.
6. In the left pane, select the Object Store directory that you created and then select the Connection Factories tab, as shown:
7. Select the New button and enter the required connection information for Lookup Name (name of serialized connection object file), Connection URL(s), Default User Name, Default Password, and Confirm Password, as shown:
Note: All other information is optional for the connection object.
8. Select Update. The serialized connection object appears an entry, as shown:
The serialized connection object file MyConnectionObject.sjo exists in the Object Stores specified directory. An OpenEdge client uses the file MyConnectionObject.sjo to connect to the SonicMQ Broker.