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Messaging and ESB
Sample Native Invocation ESB process : Create ESB process in Sonic Workbench

Create ESB process in Sonic Workbench

Once you have developed your ABL procedure and created a native invocation file, you create an ESB process in Sonic workbench.
To create an ESB process:
1. Start your Sonic Domain Manager if it is not already running.
2. Start Sonic Workbench.
3. Create a new project or open an existing project, then create a new ESB process by selecting File > New > ESB Process. The New ESB Process dialog box opens:
4. Name your process and click Finish. An empty process appears:
5. Select File > Import, then select File System and click Next to open the Import dialog box. Browse to the directory where your native invocation file resides. Select your invocation file and specify your project in the Into folder field as shown:
6. Click Finish to import your native invocation file.
7. From the Pallete tab, select OpenEdge Native Services. Add the template to the process and add a name, as shown:
8. Add the native invocation file to the process by dragging the file from the Navigator window onto the process.
9. If you wish to examine the process details, right click on the service and select Open. The details appear, as shown:
10. Save your process, and chose Yes when prompted to upload the process after saving.