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Messaging and ESB
Sample Native Invocation ESB process : Build Native Invocation and r-code files

Build Native Invocation and r-code files

Once you have annotated your source, you build your native invocation (.esboe) file and r-code.
To build the .esboe file and r-code:
1. From the main menu chose OpenEdge > Admin > Database Administration to start Database Administration. Connect to your Sports2000 database.
2. From the Resources tab, select your procedure file. Right-click and select OpenEdge > Generate Sonic ESB Invocation Files, as shown:
OpenEdge compiles your source, saving it to r-code, and generates the native invocation file. Success is indicated by the following output in the Console window:
>GetCustName (C:\OE_work_dir\workspace\ESB_process_example\GetCustName.esboe)
>GetCustName.p (C:\OE_work_dir\workspace\ESB_process_example\GetCustName.r)
Proceed to Sonic Workbench to complete this example.