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Error Handling
Using ABL Error Classes

Using ABL Error Classes

The first characteristic of structured error handling is that errors are represented as objects. This chapter introduces the interface and four classes that underpin the ABL error objects. You do not need to commit to object-oriented application design to use structured error handling. The simple mechanics of structured error handling are strongly related to the mechanics of traditional error handling.
At the same time, structured error handling is an object-oriented programming technique and you can create your own error types. If you want to use structured error handling at this level, then you should be familiar with ABL object-oriented programming before beginning your design work. (See OpenEdge Development: Object-oriented Programming for more information.)
* Progress.Lang.Error interface
* Progress.Lang.ProError class
* Progress.Lang.SysError class
* Progress.Lang.SoapFaultError class
* Progress.Lang.AppError class
* Enabling stack tracing with error objects