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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Starting and Stopping the Debugger : Debugging modes : Making the process ready for debugging : Using the Ready Attachable Debugger (-debugReady) startup parameter
Using the Ready Attachable Debugger (-debugReady) startup parameter
The Ready Attachable Debugger (-debugReady) startup parameter makes a process ready for debugging at startup. For example:
-debugReady port-number
A port number or zero (0). If you specify a known port number, the AVM attempts to use that port to create a socket to await a connection from the Debugger. If the port is in use, the AVM reports the error and continues to run, without making the process ready for debugging.
If you specify 0, the AVM determines a usable port number and reports that number to you during startup processing, as follows:
*For a GUI client, in an Alert box (even if running in batch mode)
*For a WebSpeed agent, in the WebSpeed log file
*For an AppServer process, in the AppServer log file
*For a client process running on UNIX, in the shell window (even if running in batch mode)
If you attempt to ready debugging on startup and debugging is not enabled for the installation (see Enablingdebugging), you receive a warning message, and then startup continues. If you specify -debugReady and -debug in the same startup parameter, the AVM reports this as invalid and shuts down.
Note: All WebSpeed agents and AppServer processes started by the same broker use the same startup parameter. If you use such a broker configuration, do not specify a port number with the -debugReady startup parameter.