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Supported virtual system tables for temp-tables
The OpenEdge database engine provides virtual system tables (VSTs), which allow applications to get status and activity information on a given database. ABL provides access to these VSTs. Temp-tables are stored in an OpenEdge database. Therefore, VSTs can support temp-tables. This support allows an application to gather information on a given temp-table, and obtain the number of records that are created, modified, and deleted. It can also examine the status of a database and monitor its performance.
The supported virtual system tables for monitoring deployed clients are listed below:
Note: The _TableStat and _UserTableStat tables contain exactly the same records, since there is only one user accessing the temp-tables. The same applies to the _IndexStat and _UserIndexStat temp-tables.
For more information on each of these VSTs, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.