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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Logging in OpenEdge : Log size threshold : srvrLogWatchDogInterval property
srvrLogWatchDogInterval property
For AppServer and WebSpeed environments, there also is a property for the Unified Broker, named srvrLogWatchDogInterval, which specifies the number of seconds to wait before checking to see if the log file is full. The watchdog thread checks the server log file size every n seconds to verify if it needs to roll over the file. The default value is 60 (1 minute). This property takes effect only if srvrLogthreshold is specified. If you decrease or increase this value, the log file rolls over when its size is closer to or further from the specified threshold value. In other words, the more frequently the log is checked, the closer its size will be to the threshold value. And consequently, the greater the time between checks, the larger the file is likely to be, relative to the threshold value.