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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Log Entry Types Detail : Web Services Adapter (WSA) and Web Service logging : Setting the serviceLoggingLevel property
Setting the serviceLoggingLevel property
The Web service also logs error messages in the instance-name.wsa.log file. The serviceLoggingLevel property affects logged information for a single deployed Web service. You can set the serviceLoggingLevel property in the Web service properties file (*.props) or by using the wsaman utility. This setting takes effect immediately at run time. The serviceLoggingLevel property provides information at the following logging levels:
*Level 2 (Basic) — Logs severe errors that affect the Web service as a whole and user authentication errors. Use Level 2 when the Web service is running in production.
Note: During production, raise the logging level of only the Web Service being debugged.
*Level 3 (Verbose) — Logs Web service request execution, SOAP message processing errors, and user authentication success. Use this value during Web service development to provide more information for each Web service request error.
*Level 4 (Extended) — Logs error detail and request parameter values. Use Level 4 in a development environment.