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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Log Entry Types Detail : Web Services Adapter (WSA) and Web Service logging : Setting the serviceFaultLevel property
Setting the serviceFaultLevel property
Errors while processing a Web service client request generate a SOAP fault message. The amount of information returned from SOAP fault messages is set by the serviceFaultLevel property for the Web service. You specify the amount of information provided with SOAP fault messages by setting the serviceFaultLevel property for a single Web service. You set the serviceFaultLevel property in the Web service properties file (*.props) or by using the wsaman utility. This setting takes effect immediately at run time. The serviceFaultLevel property provides information at the following logging levels:
*Level 2 (Basic) — Logs general error information. Use Level 2 when the Web service is running in production.
*Level 3 (Verbose) — Logs Web service request execution, SOAP message processing errors, and user authentication success. Use Level 3 when the Web service is in development or when more detail is required while running in production.
Note: All Web service logging and fault levels are controlled individually for each Web service to further reduce processing overhead.