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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Other Diagnostics Resources : Run-time diagnostics : Analyzing ABL code : ProSpy Plus
ProSpy Plus
ProSpy Plus is a debugging tool you can use to record a stack trace of ABL execution at run time. It also records the instantiation of classes (generated by the NEW statement) and the invocation of methods defined within classes (generated by the SUPER and DELETE OBJECT statements or the INVOKE() method). You can turn tracing on and off at the beginning and end of execution, with the click of a button. The results of tracing, which include all procedures, triggers, publish, subscribe, and unsubscribe executions, as well as user defined functions executed during the tracing period, appear in a hierarchical treeview interface. This allows a user to navigate through a stack trace to see as much or as little, execution information as they need or want.
To learn more about this tool, consult the online help for ProSpy Plus.