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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Introduction : Procedures and the Debugger context : The Debugger context : Procedures and triggers
Procedures and triggers
Procedures and trigger blocks in the Debugger context include the executing procedure or trigger plus some or all of the procedures and triggers pushed onto the procedure call stack. The number of procedures and triggers on the call stack increases as each subprocedure or trigger calls another and decreases as each subprocedure or trigger returns to the one that called it. The Debugger provides information on a running application by referencing this call stack.
The executing procedure and all procedures on the call stack (whether inside or outside the Debugger context) are active procedures. Active procedures include all those that you run directly or indirectly from the client and any additional procedures you start from the Debugger with Debug > Run.
Inactive procedures are procedures for which the Debugger cannot examine data. They include:
*Procedures that have yet to be called
*Procedures that have completed execution and have returned to their caller
*Instances of persistent procedures that have been deleted from the session
*Instances of persistent procedures that are not currently executing