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OpenEdge Development: Basic Development Tools
Preface : Organization
Chapter 1, “Application Development Environment”
Describes how to access the Application Development Environment (ADE), access each OpenEdge tool, and use on‑line help for error messages.
Chapter 2, “Procedure Editor Tasks”
Describes how to access the OpenEdge Procedure Editor and use it to perform tasks. The OpenEdge Procedure Editor allows you to create, write, compile, and run ABL procedures.
Chapter 3, “Procedure Editor Integration Hooks”
Describes the integration hooks you can add to the OpenEdge Procedure Editor.
Chapter 4, “Procedure Editor Reference”
Describes the OpenEdge Procedure Editor menu options and dialog boxes.
Chapter 5, “Application Compiler”
Describes how to access the Application Compiler and use its menu options. The Application Compiler allows you to compile a set of source procedures and create ABL r‑code.