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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Introduction : Debugger features and functions : Application control : Open and incremental execution
Open and incremental execution
To execute a procedure other than the one the Debugger is currently running, open the procedure and start it from the Debugger, using Debug > Run. Whenever the Debugger has control, you can run any application, effectively adding it to the procedure call stack of your current application. This allows you to mix and match procedures dynamically or run diagnostic procedures while debugging your application.
Note: You cannot start a procedure that requires parameters or arguments from the Debugger. The Debugger has no way to define them.
When the Debugger is stopped in an executing procedure, you can continue execution, using Debug > Continue. This allows the procedure to execute until it encounters a breakpoint, an interrupt, or the end of the procedure. You can also continue executing the current procedure line by line using Debug > Step Into Debug > Step Out , or Debug > Step Over. Use Debug > Start Animationto watch your program execute as the Debugger steps through your code. Use the Run to Line command to continue program execution up to a specified line of ABL code.