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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Log Entry Types Detail : Query information logging : Query statistics : Number of records sent by the server
Number of records sent by the server
The server, in resolving a query, sends a number of records to the client. In certain cases, the client determines whether a record satisfies selection criteria. If a query returns a large number of records, only a few of which the client determines satisfy the selection criteria, the query might be inefficient.
For each table in a query, query information logging tracks:
*The number of records sent to the client. For self-service and single-user database connections, this refers to the number of records selected by the database engine.
*The number of records that satisfied the criteria.
*The number of records that failed the criteria.
Optimizations within the client and database server might skew the figures somewhat, as in the cases when the server returns to the client field lists rather than a full record, or a prefetched list of records.
Use these figures with other statistical data to determine if a query is inefficient.