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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Log Entry Types Detail : NameServer logging

NameServer logging

Specifying the NameServer (NSPlumbing) log entry type turns on logging for the NameServer component. Information is logged at the following logging levels:
*Level 2 (Basic) — Logs messages when a NameServer starts and stops, load balancing status and messages on registering and unregistering brokers. This is the default logging level.
*Level 3 (Verbose) — Same as logging Level 2, plus logs requests from clients, and status information on the communication between client and NameServer and between NameServer and brokers.
*Level 4 (Extended) — Same as logging Level 3, plus logs debugging messages on broker unregistering.
Log entries generated for this type contain the tag NSPlumbing.
The following example shows log entries for the NameServer component with logging level set to VERBOSE(3) (with headers suppressed):

2 NS NSPlumbing Starting NameServer NS1 rmi://test:20931/NS1 Port = 5162 TimeOut = 30. (8196)
2 NS NSPlumbing Load Balancing Disabled For NameServer NS1. (8200)
2 NS NSPlumbing Registering Broker 11d1def534ea1be0:283b8a:e8c5ff9235:-7da4 AS.icfrepos test/ 3095. (8205)
2 NS NSPlumbing Broker 11d1def534ea1be0:283b8a:e8c5ff9235:-7da4 Registered For Application Service AS.icfrepos. (8207)
3 NS NSPlumbing Response sent to 2837. (8202)
3 NS NSPlumbing Request received from 2843 for AS.icfrepos. (8201)
3 NS NSPlumbing AppService = AS.icfrepos Found = true Number Of Brokers = 1. (8206)
3 NS NSPlumbing Response sent to 2843. (8202)
3 NS NSPlumbing Known Broker    11d1def534ea1be0:283b8a:e8c5ff9235:-7da4    AS.icfrepos    test/ 3095. (8209)