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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Logging in OpenEdge : Logging levels

Logging levels

Logging levels represent the amount of logging information written to the log file. The following table lists the valid logging levels.
Table 35. Logging levels
Logging level
0 (None)
Logs no entries. This is equivalent to turning logging off.
1 (Errors)
Logs OpenEdge error messages. This includes all error messages and is unrelated to the entry types specified. Errors continue to be logged at all higher levels.
2 (Basic)
Log entry type determines the logged information. Each log entry type generates at least some output. This is the default.
3 (Verbose)
Log entry type determines the logged information. Log messages include the information logged at levels 1 and 2.
4 (Extended)
Log entry type determines the logged information.
By default, the logging level you specify applies to all log entry types. However, you can specify a different logging level for individual log entry types. The higher logging levels include the log information about the lower logging levels, in addition to the information logged at that level. For more information, see Specifyinglog entry types.
Note: To turn off logging without modifying other logging characteristics, set the logging level to 0 (None). If you do not specify a log file, but do specify other logging parameters, you receive a warning message that alerts you to this inconsistency.
* Specifying the logging level