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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Log Entry Types Detail : Dynamic object logging : Logging dynamic object creation and deletion
Logging dynamic object creation and deletion
To create log entries for dynamic object creation and deletion, use the Log Entry Types (-logentrytypes) startup parameter or, for AppServer and WebSpeed, the srvrLogEntryTypes property in the file. Specify one or more of the four dynamic object log entry types in a comma-separated list, or specify DynObjects.* to get all four types. For example:

-logentrytypes DynObjects.*

-logentrytypes DynObjects.DB,DynObjects.Other
You can also turn on this logging at run time, by using the LOG-MANAGER system handle. For example, you can include the following line in the ABL code:

You can turn off this logging in the ABL application by resetting the attribute. For example:

Log entries generated for any of these types contain the tag DYNOBJECTS.
OpenEdge writes a log entry every time it creates or destroys a dynamic object tracked by this feature. This also includes allocation and deletion of space for MEMPTRs, if you specify DynObjects.Other or DynObjects.*.
* Logging class creation and deletion