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Troubleshooting Resources : Other Diagnostics Resources : Analyzing procedures and queries : INDEX-INFORMATION attribute of the query object handle
INDEX-INFORMATION attribute of the query object handle
The INDEX-INFORMATION attribute provides data on a dynamic query similar to what XREF provides on a static query. For example, given a dynamic query q1, where the QUERY-PREPARE string is:

FOR EACH customer WHERE customer.custnum < 3, EACH order OF customer,
  EACH orderline
The query returns these attribute values:

q1:INDEX-INFORMATION[1] = "Cust-Num"
q1:INDEX-INFORMATION[1] = "Cust-Order"
For detailed information on the INDEX-INFORMATION attribute, see OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference.
To obtain additional query information and statistics use the QryInfo log entry type. For detailed information see the Query information logging.