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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Other Diagnostics Resources : How the AVM handles failure conditions

How the AVM handles failure conditions

The following table summarizes the types of failures you might encounter and the diagnostic information that results.
Table 46. Program failures and resulting dump files
This type of failure
Provides this diagnostic information
The AVM detects a fatal system error, such as an out-of-memory condition.
A procore file. Additionally, if the message is marked as coredump:
*Windowsprotrace file
*UNIXprotrace and core files
An exception occurs in OpenEdge Java code (for example, broker, NameServer, WebSpeed Messenger).
A stack trace written to the log file. The broker continues to run for threads associated with other clients.
There is a memory violation.
*Windowsprotrace file; Dr. Watson log, if set in the registry
*UNIXprocore, protrace, and core files
OpenEdge executable hangs; you must terminate it using the kill command or the Task Manager.
*Windows — None (usually, waiting for an event that never occurs in an infinite loop; or a GPF occurs that hangs during failure processing)
*UNIXprotrace file, if you send a SIGUSR1 to the process as part of the kill operation