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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Other Diagnostics Resources : Run-time diagnostics : Generating a protrace file for a running program
Generating a protrace file for a running program
You can force the creation of a protrace file, which contains stack traces and other information, for an OpenEdge process that is currently executing. OpenEdge automatically writes this file when a program terminates abnormally, but in some cases you might want to generate it while the program is running. For more information about the file, see protrace file .
You use the script proGetStack.bat (Windows) or proGetStack (UNIX) for this purpose. To run the script, enter the following at a command prompt:
proGetStack process_ID
Generating a protrace file in this way does not stop execution of the OpenEdge session.
Note: On Windows, the protrace file generated by the proGetStack.bat script does not include an AVM stack trace.