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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Starting and Stopping the Debugger : Debugging in attachable mode : Detaching from the process
Detaching from the process
After successfully attaching to a running client process, the Debug > Attach to Process menu item becomes Debug > Detach from Process. When you choose this menu option, the Debugger disconnects from the socket it uses to communicate with the AVM instance. If the debug-ready state was initiated by the Debugger, it then asks if you want to leave the process in a debug-ready state. Choose Yes or No, as appropriate. No is the default.
After you detach from the process, the Debugger returns to its startup state, with the menu item restored to Debug > Attach to Process. You can now attach to another process or close the Debugger.
If you attempt to close the Debugger window while it is attached to a process, the Debugger asks for confirmation. If you confirm, the Debugger disconnects from the process and might ask if you want to leave the process in a debug-ready state. Answer Yes or No. The Debugger then shuts down.
Note: In attachable mode, the Debugger remains open if you close the OpenEdge session, or when the current application completes, unlike other operating modes, where the Debugger itself shuts down as well.