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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Debugger Window and Files : Debugger dialog boxes : Breakpoints dialog box
Breakpoints dialog box
The Breakpoints dialog box lets you add, edit, remove, enable, and disable breakpoints or watchpoints. This dialog box displays all breakpoints set in the current debugging session.
A breakpoint interrupts program execution. There are three types of breakpoints:
*At Line — A breakpoint set at a specific line in a named procedure
*On Error — A breakpoint set to interrupt execution if an error occurs
*Watchpoint — A breakpoint set to interrupt program execution when the value of a variable, buffer field, or attribute reference changes
Note: A watchpoint stops program execution when an the value of a variable, buffer field, or attribute reference changes. A watch tracks values of variables, buffer fields, attributes, data and built-in ABL functions.
The following figure shows the Breakpoints dialog box.
Figure 15. Breakpoints dialog box
Access this dialog box by choosing Edit > Breakpoints or entering CTRL+B.
In this dialog box, you can perform the following actions:
*To enable or disable a breakpoint or watchpoint, select or clear the check box to the left of the breakpoint and click the Close button. Disabled breakpoints appear in the source code pane as red outlines.
*To add a new breakpoint or watchpoint, click the New button. The New Breakpoints dialog box appears. You can also add a breakpoint directly in the source code pane by clicking in the shaded area to the left of a code line. For more information on adding new breakpoints, see NewBreakpoint dialog box.
*To edit a breakpoint or watchpoint, select the breakpoint or watchpoint you want to edit and click the Edit button. The Edit Breakpoint dialog box appears. For more information on editing breakpoints, see EditBreakpoint dialog box .
*To remove a single breakpoint or watchpoint, select it and click the Remove button. You can also remove a single breakpoint by clicking on its breakpoint indicator in the source code pane.
*To remove all breakpoints and watchpoints, click the Remove All button.