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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Starting and Stopping the Debugger : Debugging modes : Attachable mode
Attachable mode
When you first start the Debugger and then attach it to a running client process, the Debugger runs in attachable mode. The client can be any ABL client, WebSpeed agent, or AppServer running on the same machine or on the same LAN as the Debugger. The Debugger gets control immediately upon attaching to the process. Once attached, the Debugger works the same as in application mode; that is, you are debugging an already running application.
By running the Debugger in attachable mode you can debug:
*A previously started session
*A session on another machine
*The AppServer, WebSpeed, asynchronous AppServer procedures, OpenClient, and Web Services directly from the Debugger without adding statements to the source code to start the Debugger
To successfully attach the Debugger, the process you attach to must be in a debug-ready state. For more information, see Making the process ready for debugging.
* Requirements for r-code
* Performance and security considerations