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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Debugger Window and Files : Debugger dialog boxes : Dataview dialog box : Array tab
Array tab
The Array tab displays the elements of an array (a variable, parameter, or field defined with the EXTENT option) and their values. To view the elements of an array, right-click on an array in the variables pane and choose Dataview from the pop-up menu. The Dataview dialog box appears with the Array tab populated with the elements of the selected array, as shown in the following figure.
Figure 18. Array elements in the Dataview Array tab
You can also view the elements of an array field in a buffer. When viewing the buffer's fields in the Dataview dialog box, select the array field, click the View button, and then choose the Array tab to view the field's elements.
The array viewer can show a limited amount of data, approximately 30KB. If the Array tab cannot show every element of an array at once, it displays "" as the value of the last element. Select this element and click the View button to refresh the Array tab. The array viewer then shows the next 30KB of the array, beginning at the selected element.
You can modify the elements of an array. Double-click on a cell containing the value to make it editable. Enter a different value and press the ENTER key. Pressing the ESC key when editing a value restores the current value and cancels the editing operation.