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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Log Entry Types Detail : AppServer logging

AppServer logging

Specifying an AppServer log entry type turns on logging for the AppServer.
The ASPlumbing log entry type provides information at the following logging levels:
*Level 2 (Basic) — Logs messages when an AppServer agent starts and stops, and when client processes connect and disconnect from the AppServer agent.
*Level 3 (Verbose) — Same as logging level 2, plus logging of the execution of the top level procedure (that is, the procedure that the client process asks the AppServer agent to execute on its behalf, but not any procedure the top level procedure executes).
*Level 4 (Extended) — Same as logging level 3, plus messages about server state, and status messages about read and write socket operations. Do not turn this on unless directed to do so by Progress Software Corporation technical support.
Log entries generated for this type contain the tag AS. An example of AppServer logging messages (with headers suppressed) is shown:
AS Starting application server for asbroker1. (5560)
AS Application Server Startup. (5473)
AS Shutdown request received. (5465)
AS Application Server Shutdown. (5476)
The ASDefault log entry type combines the ASPlumbing and DB.Connects log entry types. It is the default value for AppServer agents.
For more information on AppServer logging, see OpenEdge Application Server: Administration.