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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Starting and Stopping the Debugger : Debugging modes : Application mode
Application mode
The Debugger runs in application mode when you start an initial application by means of the Debugger options of the Procedure Editor and the AppBuilder. This application runs in the Debugger context, and the Debugger takes control when the application stops at an automatic breakpoint set at the first executable line. This gives you a chance to examine your application listings and set breakpoints before continuing execution. You can run other procedures from the Debugger, using Debug > Run, effectively running them under your initial application.
Note: You can run the Debugger in application mode from your own application, using the DEBUGGER system handle. For more information, see Debuggingfrom an ABL procedure.
The following figure shows the relationship between the Debugger in application mode, its initial application, other procedures it might run, and the OpenEdge environment in which it is running.
Figure 3. Debugging in application mode
In application mode, you can start and restart the Debugger and its initial application without leaving your OpenEdge environment.
* Exiting procedures started with Debug > Run
* Exiting the Debugger before the initial application
* Exiting the initial application before the Debugger