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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Introduction : Debugger features and functions : Application data management
Application data management
Whenever the Debugger has control, you can monitor and make changes to data items in your application. For example, you can:
*Examine the values of variables, buffers, parameters, temp-tables, and datasets that are defined and accessible from an executing procedure in the variables pane. You can modify the values of variables and parameters.
*Examine and modify the values of attributes for objects, using Dataview > Debug .
*Examine and modify the values of database and temp-table buffer fields, using Debug > Dataview.
*Examine and modify the elements of an array selected in the variables pane, or of an array field selected in a buffer, using Debug > Dataview.
*Add watches to monitor the values of any variables, attributes, fields, or built-in ABL functions in the executing procedure, or any procedure on the call stack, using Debug > Add Watch.