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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Log Entry Types Detail : AIA logging

AIA logging

Specifying an AIA log entry type turns on logging for the AIA component. Following are the AIA log entry types and the information they provide based on logging level:
*AiaMgmt — Logs messages about regular AIA operations, such as AIA version information, instantiation, some other informational messages, and information on the AIA connection pool. Level 2 (Basic) logs instantiation and informational messages. Level 3 (Verbose) logs the connection pool information. Level 4 (Extended) logs the same information as level 3.
*AiaProp — Logs the properties set for the specific AIA instance. These properties are set in the file. Information is logged at logging level 2 (Basic) and higher.
*AiaRqst — Logs information on the GET and POST commands sent by the client and the response back to the client. Information is logged at logging level 2 (Basic) and higher.
*AiaUBroker — Logs information on the communication between the AIA and the Unified broker (and AppServer or OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ BrokerConnect). Logging level 2 (Basic) provides most information. Level 3 (Verbose) also logs a binary dump of messages exchanged between the client and the broker/server process.
*AiaDefault — Combines AiaMgmt and AiaProp. This is the default entry type for the AIA component.
The following example shows entries for the AIA entry type with the logging level set to VERBOSE (3):
2 AIA AiaMgmt AIA v100A (25-Apr-03)
2 AIA AiaProp installDir : d:/dlc100a
2 AIA AiaProp properties file : d:/dlc100a/properties/
2 AIA AiaProp instanceName : Aia1
2 AIA AiaProp logfilename : d:\progress\wrk100a\Aia1.aia.log
2 AIA AiaMgmt instanceName: Aia1
2 AIA AiaMgmt InstallDir: d:/dlc100a
2 AIA AiaMgmt propertyFileName: d:/dlc100a/properties/
2 AIA AiaMgmt AIA_HTTPS is licensed in this configuration.
2 AIA AiaRqst Start: doGet()
2 AIA AiaRqst Requested URL: http://pcspot/aia/Aia
2 AIA AiaRqst Request information:
2 AIA AiaRqst Request method : HEAD
3 AIA AiaUBroker readMsg()
3 AIA AiaUBroker mark() : markpos=0
3 AIA AiaUBroker readubhdr
3 AIA AiaUBroker appUserid=
3 AIA AiaUBroker arbString=
3 AIA AiaUBroker appService= asbroker1
2 AIA AiaUBroker processConnect() urlhttp://localhost:5162/asbroker1
3 AIA AiaUBroker [SC-000001] nameserverLookup() : brokerhost= brokerport= 3090
3 AIA AiaUBroker [SC-000001] wrote UBRQ_CONNECT to (