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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Debugger Window and Files : Debugger dialog boxes : Add Watch dialog box
Add Watch dialog box
The Add Watch dialog box lets you add a watch for any variable, including fields and handle or object attributes, in the executing procedure or any procedure on the call stack. A watch allows you to keep track of the value of a variable, parameter, buffer field, attribute, data, or built-in ABL function as you navigate through your ABL application. The name and value of the variable on which the watch is set appears in the watches pane. The following figure shows the Add Watch dialog box.
Figure 13. Add Watch dialog box
Access this dialog box by choosing the Add Watch option on the Debug menu or the context (right-click) menu in the watches pane.
To add a watch:
1. Enter an entity in the Watch field and click OK. See Watches pane for a list of supported watch expressions.
You can also add a watch for an entity by:
*Entering the watch in the watches pane directly
*Selecting text in the source code pane or selecting a variable in the variables pane, and then choosing the Add Watch option on the context (right-click) menu
*Selecting an entity in the Dataview dialog box and choosing the Add Watch button
*Dragging selected text from the source code pane and dropping it onto the watches pane