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Basic Database Tools
Database Menu Reference : Reports option : Quick Field Report option

Quick Field Report option

Choose Reports > Quick Field to display information about the structure of fields in one or all tables in the working database. For each field, the report lists the order number, name, data type, flags, and format.
The Data Type column lists the first four characters of the field's data type. If the type is decimal, the report includes the number of stored decimals digits (for example, deci–2). If the field is an array, the report includes the extent (for example, char[10]). The Flags column indicates whether the field is case sensitive, mandatory, an index component, or a view component.
The following figure shows an example of a Quick Field Report for the customer table in the Sports database. The report includes the data type, flag, and format of each field.
Figure 10. Quick Field Report dialog box
The Quick Field Report dialog box contains the following fields:
*Switch Tables —Returns you to the list of tables for the working database
*Change Field Order — Changes the sort order of the fields to either alphabetical by name or numeric by order
*Print — Enables you to print the report or write it to a file