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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Load Data and Definitions option : Audit Policies option : Load as XML
Load as XML
When you choose the Load as XML (.xml file) option from the Load Audit Policies submenu, the Load Audit Policies XML dialog box appears, and contains the following fields:
*Input File — The name of the file that contains the data you want to load into your current working database. The default file is _audit-policies.xml.
*Overwrite Duplicate Policies — Select if you want the Data Dictionary to overwrite existing policies with the loaded data. If you do not select this option and the Data Dictionary detects duplicate policies, it will display a list of the duplicates and ask you if you want to overwrite them. If the load is running in Batch Mode, the Data Dictionary creates an error file that lists the duplicate policies.
Note: The connected user must have Audit Archiver permissions in order to access the Load Audit Policies XML option.
If the Data Dictionary encounters errors when validating the file or directory name or when verifying that the database is connected, it creates an error file called _lodsec.e and places it in the intended load directory. If the load directory doesn't exist, the Data Dictionary places _lodsec.e in the session's current working directory.
If the Data Dictionary encounters errors during the load process, it creates an error file named audit-policies-xml.e.