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Basic Database Tools
Trigger Tasks : Generating a trigger report

Generating a trigger report

A trigger report lists:
*The table/field name
*The event
*The procedure filename
The report also indicates if the CRC should be checked and whether the trigger is overridable or has mismatched CRC, or if there is no r-code found.
To generate a trigger report:
1. Choose Database > Reports > Trigger. The Trigger Report dialog box appears.
2. Choose the Print button if you want to print the report. The Print Options dialog box appears.
3. Specify the report destination. If you want to save the report to a file, specify the filename and whether to append the report to an existing file.
4. Specify the page length, then choose OK. The Data Dictionary sends the report to the specified output destination and returns you to the Trigger Report dialog box.
5. Choose OK to return to the Data Dictionary main window.