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Basic Database Tools
Field Tasks : Generating a Quick Field Report

Generating a Quick Field Report

A Quick Field Report lists the following:
*Field name
*Data type
To generate a Quick Field Report:
1. Choose Database > Reports > Quick Field. The Data Dictionary alphabetically lists all the tables defined for your database.
2. Select a table or type ALL. The Data Dictionary generates the report. The Quick Field Report dialog box appears, listing the fields in the table by order number.
3. Choose Switch Tables to generate a quick field report for another table. The Data Dictionary alphabetically lists all the tables for you to choose another table.
4. Choose Change Field Order to reorder the fields alphabetically.
5. Choose Print to print the report or write it to a file. The Print Options dialog box appears.
6. Specify the report destination. If you want to save the report to a file, specify the filename and whether to append the report to an existing file.
7. Specify the page length, then choose OK. The Data Dictionary sends the report to the specified output destination and returns you to the Quick Field Report dialog box.
8. Choose OK to return to the Data Dictionary window.