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Database Menu Reference : Reports option : Encryption Policy Reports option

Encryption Policy Reports option

If you are connected to an encryption-enabled database, you can access the Encryption Policy Reports submenu by choosing Reports > Encryption Policy Reports. You cannot access encryption policy reports for a remote database; you must have a local connection. For a description of the encryption policy reports see the following table. For more information on encryption policies, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services - Security and Auditing.
Table 6. Encryption Policy reports
Quick Encryption Policies
For ABL objects encrypted at the object level in a Type II area, this report details the cipher name and policy version of object's current encryption policy.
Detailed Encryption Policies
For all encryptable ABL objects at the object level in a Type II area:
*If the object is encrypted, the policy version, cipher name, and policy state is reported.
*If the object is not encrypted, "No policy information available for object" is reported.
Note: If ALL is selected, only encrypted objects are reported.
* Quick Encryption Policies report
* Detailed Encryption Policies report