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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Enabling large key entries

Enabling large key entries

For databases of 4K and 8K block size, large key entries are enabled by default on newly created databases, providing a substantial increase in the index key width limits. Large key entries are not available for databases that are read-only, non-OpenEdge, either 1K or 2K in block size, or served by a database server from an earlier OpenEdge release.
You must be a database administrator to enable large key entries on a connected database. Large key entry support cannot be disabled. From the Data Dictionary, choose Admin > Enable Large Key Entries. For OpenEdge Release 10.1C and higher databases, a message appears informing you that large key entries are already enabled. For pre-OpenEdge Release 10.1C databases, a message asking you to confirm that you do want to enable large key entries appears.