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Basic Database Tools
Sequence Tasks : Dumping sequence current values

Dumping sequence current values

You can dump the sequence values for the current working database.
To dump current sequence values:
1. Make sure that the database containing the sequence values you want to dump is the current working database.
2. Choose Admin > Dump Data and Definitions > Sequences Current Values. The Dump Sequence Current Values dialog box appears.
3. Specify the filename or use the default value. The default filename is _seqvals.d.
4. Specify the code page or use the default value, then choose OK.
After you dump the sequence values, the Data Dictionary displays a status message and prompts you to continue.
5. Choose OK to return to the Data Dictionary main window.
Note: If you are dumping multi-tenant sequences from a multi-tenant database, you are prompted to specify an effective tenant to dump. You can specify the output location by choosing Use Default Location to have the Data Dictionary create the sequence output file in a subdirectory named for the tenant, or you can specify the output file directly.