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Basic Database Tools
Database Tasks : Dumping Change Data Capture policies

Dumping Change Data Capture policies

You can dump Change Data Capture (CDC) policies from your database into a .cd file using the Data Administration tool.
To dump CDC policies using the Data Administration tool:
1. In the Data Administration window, click Admin > Dump Data and Definitions > Change Data Capture Policies (.cd) file.
The Select Change Data Capture Policies for Dump window appears with a list of current, pending, and previous CDC policies available for the connected database. The CDC policies are alphabetically sorted by their names.
Note: The Change Data Capture Policies (.cd file) option is disabled for databases that are not enabled for CDC.
2. From the list, select the CDC policies that you want to dump.
When selecting the CDC policies, you can:
*Select an individual CDC policy.
*Select the All Current check box to select all current CDC policies.
*Select the All Pending check box to select all pending CDC policies.
Note: When dumping multiple policies, you must specify only one policy per source table as the Data Administration tool does not allow selecting more than one policy per source table.
Note: When dumping a previous policy, note that it is stored as a pending policy in the .cd file.
3. Click OK.
The Dump Change Data Capture Policies window appears.
4. In the Output File field, specify a name for the .cd file or use the default name
5. To change the default directory for the output file, click Files and then browse to the destination directory where you want to store the file.
6. In the Code Page field, specify the code page format in which you want the CDC policies to be dumped or use the default format ISO8859-1.
7. Click OK.
A warning message appears if the code page differs from the database code page value. Click OK to continue. The Data Administration tool displays each item as it dumps the CDC policies, and a status message appears.
8. Click OK to complete the procedure.