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Basic Database Tools
Database Menu Reference : Reports option : Detailed Table Report option

Detailed Table Report option

Use the Reports > Detailed Table option to generate information about the structure of the selected table or of all the tables in the working database. This option creates a report that displays all information about the tables, including information about fields and indexes defined for the tables. Flags in the report indicate if the table is frozen, a SQL table, multi-tenant, cdc-enabled, or a change table.
When you choose this option and you select a table, the Data Dictionary displays the Report Options dialog box, as shown in the following figure:
Figure 7. Report Options dialog box
The Report Options dialog box contains the following fields:
*Send Output to — Allows you to send output to the screen, the default printer for your computer system, or a file.
If you choose to send output to a file, specify the filename and whether to append the report information to an existing file. Choose Files to display a list of existing files.
*Page Length — Specifies the number of lines per page. The default for the printer is 60 lines. For the terminal or a file, the default is 0 (continuous).
*Order Fields — Specifies whether to order the fields for the report by order number or alphabetically.
The following figure shows a portion of a Detailed Table Report for all the tables in the Sports database.
Figure 8. Detailed Table Report dialog box