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Basic Database Tools
Index Tasks : Deleting an index

Deleting an index

Deleting an index modifies a database's schema.
Note: You cannot delete the primary index. To delete the index that is currently the primary index, you must first make another index the primary index.
To delete an index:
1. Choose Schema > Index Editor. The Index Editor alphabetically lists all the tables defined for your database.
2. Select a table. The Index Editor lists the indexes defined for that table.
3. Select the index you want to delete. You cannot delete a primary index.
4. Choose Delete. The Data Dictionary prompts you to verify that you want to remove this index.
5. Choose Yes to delete the index. The Index Editor main window reappears.
6. Choose Exit. The Data Dictionary displays an alert box asking if you want to apply or undo the changes to the database, or if you want to make other changes.
7. Choose Apply Changes. The Data Dictionary main window appears.