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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Database Identification option : Database Identification History option

Database Identification History option

Choose the Database Identification History option to manage history information about audit-enabled databases by modifying descriptions of audit archive databases (by indicating why a new DB Identifier or DB Passkey was generated, for example). The Database Identification History dialog box appears, and contains the following fields:
*DB Identifier — Displays the DB Identifier for the selected database
*DB Description — A description of the selected database
*Additional Details — A field for entering additional information about the audit archive database (for example, to annotate cycles in the life of the database)
*Has Passkey — Indicates if the selected database has a passkey assigned to it
When the Data Dictionary opens this dialog box, it lists the DB Identifier of the current _db-detail record first.
Note: Only DBAs may view or edit the information in this dialog box.