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Basic Database Tools
Sequence Tasks : Creating a sequence

Creating a sequence

Creating a sequence modifies a database's schema.
To create a sequence:
1. Choose SchemaSequence Editor. The Sequence Editor displays a list of the sequences defined for the working database and the attributes for the sequence that is selected.
2. Choose Add. The following window appears:
3. Define the sequence attributes, then press GO. The Sequence Editor main window appears.
4. Choose Exit. The Data Dictionary displays an alert box asking if you want to apply or undo the changes to the database, or if you want to make other changes.
5. Choose Apply Changes. The Data Dictionary main window appears.
If your database is enabled for multi-tenancy, then you can create multi-tenant sequences. A multi-tenant sequence has a unique value for each tenant that is incremented independently. The Sequence Editor window is modified as shown in the following figure:
Figure 3. Multi-tenant sequence editor
If you select yes for Multi-tenant, then the Current Value displays <one value per tenant>.