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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Admin menu

Admin menu

The following table describes the Admin menu's options. The sections following the table contain detailed descriptions of these options.
Table 25. Admin menu
Menu option
Task performed
Dump Data and Definitions
Dumps data definitions, table contents, SQL views, user table contents, collation/conversion tables, auto-connect records, sequence definition, and sequence current values
Load Data and Definitions
Loads data definitions, table contents, SQL views, auto-connect records, user table contents, and sequence values; also reconstructs bad load records
Database Identification
Maintains and generate DB Identifiers and DB Passkeys for databases
Specifies database security options
Export Data
Exports data files in a specific format to the specified directory
Import Data
Imports data in a specific format to the working database
Create Bulk Loader Description File...
Creates a bulk loader description file
Database Options
Maintains auditing and security options
Enable Large Key Entries
Increases the index key width limit substantially on the database
Alternate Buffer Pool
Performs Alternate Buffer Pool maintenance, such as specifying ABL objects for the Alternate Buffer Pool, or removing objects from the Alternate Buffer Pool