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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Load Data and Definitions option : Database Identification Properties option

Database Identification Properties option

Choose this option to load data into the _db-detail table. The _db-detail table contains information about audit-enabled databases, including the globally unique identifier (GUID), the database description, and the database's Passkey (if available).
When you choose this option, the Load Database Identification Properties dialog box appears, and contains the following fields:
*Input File — The filename that contains the data you want to load into your current working database. The default file is _db-detail.d.
*Acceptable Error Percentage — The Data Dictionary prompts you for an acceptable error rate. As the Data Dictionary loads records from any files you designate, it might encounter data that cannot be loaded. For example, a record might have data that would cause a duplicate value to be stored for a unique key field. The Data Dictionary does not load the record. If you specify an error rate of 10 percent, the Data Dictionary must successfully load 90 records from every set of 100 records loaded. If the error rate exceeds the specified rate, the Data Dictionary terminates the load. The Data Dictionary places bad records in the table-name.e file.
*Display Errors to Screen — Select this option to display error messages on your screen.
Note: The connected user must be a DBA to access the Load Database Identification Properties option.