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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Load Data and Definitions option : Audit Data option

Audit Data option

Choose this option to load audit data. In an audit-enabled database, audit data is stored in multiple tables. When dumping audit data, the Data Dictionary dumps each table into a separate file named with the table name and a .ad extension. To ensure the integrity of the audit data, the Data Dictionary creates a data seal for each dumped file. Each file is part of a set of files that can only be loaded together.
When you select the Audit Data option from the Load Data and Definitions menu, the Load Audit Data dialog box appears, prompting you to enter an Input Directory. During the load, the Data Dictionary searches the specified directory for appropriate .ad files.
Note: In order to access the Load Audit Data option, the user must have Audit Archiver permissions.
If the Data Dictionary encounters errors during the load process, it creates an error file named for the table with a .e extension.
If the Data Dictionary encounters errors when validating the file or directory name or when verifying that the database is connected, it creates an error file called _lodsec.e and places it in the intended load directory. If the load directory doesn't exist, the Data Dictionary places _lodsec.e in the session's current working directory.