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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Introduction : What is smart about SmartObjects?
What is smart about SmartObjects?
SmartObjects are not smart in any artificial‑intelligence sense. They are smart only in comparison with basic objects. As ADM-compliant objects, they can all communicate with one another through SmartLinks, and as external‑procedure objects, they can have any amount of sophistication the developer chooses to provide. If using ABL rather than a 3GL corresponds to using large‑ rather than medium‑scale chip integration for building hardware, then using SmartObjects in your applications is like using VLSI chips rather than LSI. The building blocks are bigger and more capable, you can hook them together more easily, and they require less unit testing.
Table 4 summarizes some of the advantages of using SmartObjects.
Table 4: Benefits of using SmartObjects 
Quicker results
Allows you to assemble more sophisticated applications in less time, since each SmartObject master is a predefined application component that can encapsulate more complex functionality than an individual Basic object.
Easier integration
Makes it easier to integrate individual object instances into applications because the ADM gives SmartObjects standardized ways of interacting with each other.
More reusability
Creates code that can be used repeatedly because a single object can have multiple run‑time instances.
Easier maintenance
Organizes your development process so that complex applications are easy to maintain. SmartObject code is more maintainable because:
*Changes to any SmartObject master files are automatically reflected in all instances of that SmartObject.
*Each object can be written without specific knowledge of other objects. Modules that are independent in this way are referred to as being “loosely coupled,” a desirable trait.
Greater consistency
Establishes a consistent look and feel across multiple applications because different applications can instantiate the same SmartObject master. This consistency makes it easier for you to create a special corporate image for your customers, if you choose.