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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Frequently Used Dialogs : Traversal-path editor
Traversal-path editor
The button shown is available in the Property Sheet dialog box for frame and dialog box objects:
Under Windows, repeatedly pressing the TAB key causes the input focus to shift from one widget to another within a frame. The default order in which the widgets are visited is left-to-right, top-to-bottom. You can change this default order using the Tab Editor. The Tab Editor is available through the property sheet for any frame or dialog widget, including the widgets managed by SmartFrames and SmartDialogs.
Click Tab Editor to open the Tab Editor dialog box, shown in Figure 59.
Figure 59: Tab Editor dialog box
The three areas of interest are:
*The combo box that displays the current Tabbing Options.
*The list of widgets that will be traversed.
*The buttons that control how the items in the list are ordered.
Initially, the Tabbing Options is set to Default. In addition to the Default ordering, there are four predefined orderings, plus Custom. One of the predefined orderings will be the same as the Default order. In English-speaking countries among others, this is the Left-to-Right By Rows order.
To impose one of the predefined traversal orderings, select it from the list of options. The order of the widgets in the objects list changes accordingly.
To define a special traversal order:
1. Select Custom as the Tabbing Option. This enables the four Move buttons.
2. Use the Move buttons to reorder the widgets in the objects list. The items will be visited in the order in which they appear in this list.
3. Click OK.