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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Other Objects : Static text
Static text
Static text can play an important role in your application by calling attention to important objects, and by contributing to an overall corporate image, where appropriate.
To create and configure a static text element:
1. Click Text in the Objects Palette.
2. Move your mouse cursor to a bare spot in your workspace, and click to place the new text object.
3. Select the object and choose ToolsProperty Sheet. The Property Sheet dialog box appears:
4. Type in the text string the object will display.
5. Choose a special typestyle and colors, if appropriate. See the “Choosing colors” section and the “Choosing a type style” section for more information.
6. Add translation information, if necessary. See the “String attributes” section for more information.
7. Click OK to dismiss the property sheet. Select the object and drag its handles to position and size it appropriately.