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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
AppBuilder Interface : Starting and stopping AppBuilder
Starting and stopping AppBuilder
Depending on the product you purchased, you might be using AppBuilder to develop standard client/server applications for GUI or character mode environments, applications for the Web, or some combination. Regardless of your development goal, you start and stop a development session the same way.
You can start AppBuilder from the Application Development Environment (ADE) Desktop or from any tool that has a Tools menu, such as the Data Dictionary or the Procedure Editor. You can also start AppBuilder directly from the operating system.
Starting from the operating system
To start AppBuilder from the operating system, enter the following command:
PROWIN32.EXE -p _ab.p
Stopping AppBuilder
You can end your development session and exit AppBuilder by any of these actions:
*Choose FileExit from the AppBuilder main menu.
*Click on the close icon in AppBuilder’s main window.
*Select Close from the pop‑up menu of the small AppBuilder icon on the main window.
OpenEdge returns you to where you started AppBuilder.
AppBuilder for Web-based applications
This manual does not attempt to cover features and techniques specific to developing for the Web. For information on WebSpeed‑specific features, see OpenEdge Getting Started: WebSpeed Essentials manual or the AppBuilder online help.