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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Frequently Used Dialogs : SmartLinks editor
SmartLinks editor
The button shown is available in the Procedure Settings dialog box:
SmartLinks are the well-defined ADM communication pathways between SmartObjects. Although AppBuilder provides Advisor dialog boxes to semiautomatically create links between SmartObjects when you add them to a SmartContainer, there will be times when you will find it desirable or necessary to edit links by hand.
The SmartLinks editor shown in Figure 56 helps you with this task.
Figure 56: SmartLinks editor dialog box
You can open this editor in either of the following ways:
*Click on the menu button of a SmartObject and choose the SmartLinks menu item.
*Choose ToolsProcedure Settings and then click SmartLinks (the chain-links icon).
Regardless of where you start when you open the editor dialog box, it always displays links from the standpoint of the current SmartContainer. Any references to THIS-PROCEDURE are always references to that current SmartContainer, not to any other SmartObject that might be selected. For example:
The SmartLinks dialog box provides extensive filtering capabilities. By default, the editor displays all current links. If the list is confusingly large, you can subset it by filtering on a particular source, link type, or destination, or any combination. You can also choose to sort the list by source, link type, or destination.
To add a new SmartLink:
1. Click Add. The Add a SmartLink dialog box appears:
2. All SmartObjects local to the current SmartContainer, including the SmartContainer itself (THIS-PROCEDURE), are listed as possible sources and targets. Select one of them to be the source of the new SmartLink.
If you are not sure what types of SmartLink are supported by the selected object, click Info on Source. The SmartInfo dialog box opens. See the “SmartInfo” section for more information.
3. Selecting the source of the new SmartLink displays in the LinkType field the SmartLink types for which the selected object can act as source. Choose the type of SmartLink to add.
If you click New, a dialog box opens and requires you to type in the identifier for the new type of SmartLink. You must be prepared to write code to manage such application-specific link types yourself. See OpenEdge Development: ADM and SmartObjects for information about creating and managing new types of SmartLinks.
4. Choose the target for the new link.
If the target you choose cannot deal with links of the type you selected, an Advisor appears asking that you confirm your choice or elect not to create the link, as shown:
5. Repeat Step 2, Step 3, and Step 4 until you have added all the necessary links. Click OK to dismiss the Add dialog. Your new links appear in the SmartLinks list.
You can modify an existing link by selecting it and choosing the Modify button. The process is otherwise the same. When you dismiss the Modify dialog box, the link you selected will reflect the changes you made.
To delete a SmartLink, select it and click Remove.