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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Data-Display/Capture Objects : SmartDataBrowsers
SmartDataBrowsers (SDBs) are browse widgets enhanced with ADM smart technology. An SDB presents the results of a query in simple row/column tabular format. Each row displayed in an SDB always represents one record from the data stream (the record itself might be a dynamic composite created by a JOIN operation). Each column represents one of the fields in the records. The SDB can display any of the standard data types that can be represented by ASCII text.
An SDB displays and possibly updates data supplied by an SDO to which the SDB is connected by SmartLinks.
AppBuilder supplies two types of SDB for your use:
*Dynamic — You place an instance of the predefined dynamic SDB in your application. This object is able to connect to and interact with any SDO.
*Static — Using the wizard provided by AppBuilder, you define a static SDB master object to connect to and cooperate with a particular SDO. You later select and place an instance of the master object in your application.